Business Services

Property Management Services

The properties we own and manage are the same ones we developed from concept to completion. Our mission is to offer affordable housing for low-income individuals and we do that in efficient and effective ways. Our properties are professionally managed, yet with compassion to assist those residents in need. If you are considering assistance in managing affordable multi-family residential properties in your community, call us. We will work with you to develop the right services to keep you financially secure and in step with compliance and safety regulations.

Development Services

As we continue to develop unique properties, we explore new green technology aspects of construction to save precious resources and reduce the carbon footprint of a building. We have been creating affordable housing for low-income individuals for a very long time and we take pride in our teams’ ability to deliver the highest quality product possible. Look at our portfolio and find out more about how we can partner with your organization.

Consulting Services

The mission of Charities Housing is to develop, preserve, and manage high quality affordable housing for low-income individuals and their families. Yet did you know we have also been providing these services to other organizations since 1999? We provide expertise in project management from development concept to construction completion, saving you time as well as significant amount of resources to get projects completed quickly and efficiently. Put our knowledge to work for your next project.