Paseo Senter at Coyote Creek

1898 Senter Rd
San Jose, CA 95112

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Property Data:
Site Size: 4.69 acres
Number of Units: 218
Density (units per acre): 46
Unit Mix: 46 - 1-bedroom, 610 sq ft avg;
105 - 2-bedroom, 810 sq ft avg;
67 – 3-bedroom, 1,100 sq ft avg
Affordability: 30% @ extremely low income;
70% @ very low income
Population Served: families

Property Description:
Paseo Senter at Coyote Creek is a multi-family rental housing development located south of the Rockspring neighborhood in the City of San Jose. The two-phased housing development contains 218 units in four stories surrounding two five-story parking garages. The concept of the development is centered along a central spine. The residential common areas and spaces for supportive services line the central paseo.

The residential supportive services include a licensed childcare operated by Estrella Family Services, after school programs by Native Doors Networking Senter, and a kinship resource center by Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County. The paseo also links residents with Coyote Creek Park to the rear. The rear of the property is adjacent to Coyote Creek where the City plans to expand Coyote Creek Park and Kelly Park and integrate the park system into the neighborhood which will further enhance the vitality of the development.

Paseo Senter will begin accepting applications for our 1, 2 , and 3 Bedroom waitlists on December 6, 2021. Applications may be downloaded from our website starting December 6, 2021 or you may request an application via email:

Application Information

For More Information:
phone: 408-947-9100

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