Sierra Vista I Apartments

1909 Hackett Ave
Mountain View, CA 94043

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Property Data:
Site Size: 1.80 acres
Number of Units: 34
Density (units per acre): 19
Unit Mix: 3 - 2-bedroom, 810 sq ft avg;
19 - 3-bedroom, 1,070 sq ft avg;
12 - 4-bedroom, 1,230 sq ft avg

Affordability: 80% @ very low income;
5% @ low income;
15% @ moderate income
Population Served: families

Property Description:
Sierra Vista I Apartments, a 34-unit complex located in the City of Mountain View, was acquired by Charities Housing under the Title Six Preservation Program of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, where the property obtained a project based Section 8 contract. The development has a mix of two, three and four bedroom townhouse style units and serve very low-income families. Acquisition and rehabilitation costs for the project were financed through tax exempt bonds and FHA insurance. Resident elected members from the complex sit on the Board of Directors. Supportive services from Catholic Charities are also available to the residents of the complex.

Phone: 650-965-9222
Waiting list is currently closed

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