Company History

For many years, Catholic Charities knew one of the most significant needs of many people receiving services was affordable housing. As a result, they formed Charities Housing in 1993 to address that need. Charities Housing is organized as a Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) where a third of our board members are representatives of the low-income community that we serve.

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Management Profiles

Charities Housing's corporate philosophy is to have integrity in our work, autonomy over our individual contributions, and a collegial environment that mutually supports each other.  The result of this environment is the production of affordable housing that fulfills the mission of the organization while promoting a healthy organization.

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Business Services

The mission of Charities Housing is to develop, preserve, and manage high quality affordable housing for low-income individuals and their families.  We take pride in our team's ability to deliver the highest quality product possible.  Our properties are professionally managed, yet with compassion to assist those residents in need.  Put our knowledge to work for your next project.  We will save you time as well as significant amount of resources to get projects completed quickly and efficiently.

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