Cupertino Duplexes

10506 N Foothill Blvd
Cupertino, CA 95014

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Property Data:
Site Size: 0.85 acre
Number of Units: 8
Density (units per acre): 9
Unit Mix: 4 - 2-bedroom, 1,200 sq ft avg;
4 - 3-bedroom, 1,300 sq ft avg
Affordability: 100% very low income
Population Served: Developmentally disabled individuals transitioning out of the Agnews Development Center

Property Description:
10506-10536 N Foothill Blvd consists of four duplexes that were completely remodeled to meet the needs of developmentally disabled tenants transitioning out of the Agnews Developmental Center. Located in Cupertino, CA, the four duplexes provide housing for twelve developmentally disabled individuals and four families responsible for their care and supervision.

This development is a collaborative effort between The Hallmark Group (developer), Bay Area Housing Corporation (non-profit partner and advocate for developmentally disabled population), Community Living Opportunities (service provider) and Charities Housing (construction management agent).

Development Partners