Parkside Studios

495 N Wolfe Rd
Sunnyvale, CA 94086

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Property Data:
Site Size: 1.02 acres
Number of Units: 59
Density (units per acre): 58
Unit Mix: 58 - Studios, 372 sq ft avg;
1 - 2-Bedroom, 975 sq ft avg
Affordability: 20% @ extremely low income;
80% @ very low income
Population Served: Service workers, couples, single parents, and other very low-income individuals including adults on SSI or SSA

Property Description:
Parkside Studios development contains 59 units in a three-story building. It is one of the first affordable housing projects utilizing modular construction in Northern California. The common amenities include the lobby, offices for management and resident service delivery, and a community room/lounge with communal kitchen. Landscaped courtyards along the street and on the second level are provided social activities. Majority of the units will serve as workforce housing for residents employed in entry level employment. In addition, seniors living on fixed income, single parents with a child, and couples also reside within the building.

Contact: Rosa Cordero
Phone: (408) 245-1804

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