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Property Description

Family Supportive Housing (FSH) has owned and managed the San Jose Family Shelter since 1992. The San Jose Family Shelter is unique in that it is the only homeless shelter in Santa Clara County that allows intact families to remain together during the 90-days that they receive housing and supportive services. The shelter is being required to relocate and Charities Housing has been hired to act as the development consultant.

The total proposed development is approximately 42,000 sq. ft. in four stories with underground parking, located on a one half-acre site. The residential component includes thirty-five small apartments with private bathrooms and small kitchenettes. The community/services component of the development includes approximately 15,000 square feet that will contain a commercial kitchen and dining room, reception area, restrooms, staff offices, a child care center for approximately 20 small children, medical exam room and ample classrooms and community rooms for workshops and tutoring programs. This new building will incorporate as many “green building” design components and materials as is financially feasible.

Minimum Eligibility

Income & occupancy requirements apply see application for details

Unit Type

Income Restrictions


In conformance with Title VI and Section 504 Charities Housing does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status, national origin, or any other arbitrary basis.

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