San Antonio Place

210 San Antonio Cir
Mountain View, CA 94040

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Property Data:
Site Size: 1.69 acres
Number of Units: 120
Density (units per acre): 71
Unit Mix: 118 - efficiency studio, 330 sq ft avg;
1 - 1-bedroom, 490 sq ft;
1 - 2-bedroom, 710 sq ft
Affordability: 30% @ extremely low income;
70% @ very low income
Income Restrictions:
​AMI  1 Person  2 Person
15%  $15,375   $17,565
20%  $20,500   $23,420
35%  $35,875   $40,985
45%  $46,125   $52,695
Population Served: service workers, couples, single parents, and other very low-income individuals including adults on SSI or SSA

Property Description:
San Antonio Place celebrated its Grand Opening on April 27, 2006. The Mountain View City Council chose Charities Housing as the developer for the City’s first efficiency studio project in July 1999 through a RFP process. The development helps those who are steadily employed but still do not make enough to afford the high market rents in Silicon Valley. Typical occupants earn between $15,000 and $33,000 in annual income (20 to 45 percent of the area median income). In addition, seniors living on fixed income, single parents with a child, and couples also reside within the building.

Contact: Laura Ruiz
Phone: 650-941-2012
Waiting list is currently closed

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