Stoney Pine Villa

267 W California St
Sunnyvale, CA 94086

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Property Data:
Site Size: 0.88 acre
Number of Units: 23
Density (units per acre): 26
Unit Mix: 12 - 1-bedroom, 560 sq ft avg;
8 - 2-bedroom, 780 sq ft avg;
3 - 3-bedroom, 1,000 sq ft avg
Affordability: 100% @ very low income
Population Served: developmentally disabled individuals and their families

Property Description:
Stoney Pine Villa, a 23 unit apartment complex for the developmentally disabled, is located in the City of Sunnyvale. The development received funding reservation from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) under the Section 811 Capital Advance Program in October 1997. Charities Housing solicited extensive community involvement to ensure this project is a success. Focus groups were conducted to see what are most important to developmentally disabled adults seeking to live independently. Family members of developmentally disabled adults helped to select the service provider, Employment & Community Options, for Stoney Pine Villa.

For More Information:
contact: Marisela Baca
phone: 408-245-2995

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