Westwood Ambassador Apartments

2606 Newhall St
Santa Clara, CA 95050

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Property Data:
Site Size: 1.17 acres
Number of Units: 42
Density (units per acre): 36
Unit Mix: 37 - 1-bedroom, 590 sq ft avg;
5 - 2-bedroom, 810 sq ft avg
Affordability: 25% @ very low income;
75% @ low income
Population Served: families

Property Description:
Westwood Ambassador Apartments is the acquisition and rehabilitation of a 42-unit apartment complex in the City of Santa Clara. The development serves many low-income single parents and seniors. The development's rehabilitation work was finished 10% under budget and one month ahead of schedule. In order to establish a sense of community and receive critical inputs from the residents, Charities Housing organized the residents to re-design the common areas and held regular tenant meetings to receive inputs regarding the day-to-day operations of the complex. Supportive services such as counseling, case management and English as a second language are offered through Catholic Charities as necessary and appropriate.

Email: westwood@charitieshousing.org
Phone: 408-554-9367

Development Partners