Paseo Senter featured by U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Parkside Studios and Prefab Modular Construction

Archer Studios Grand Award Winner

Archer Studios on the forefront of micro-units

2012 MHN Excellence Award

2012 Citation Awards – AIA San Diego

Top 25 Construction Projects in the City of San Jose

Merritt Community Capital Corporation honors Charities Housing

Housing Trust of Santa Clara County honors Charities Housing

Paseo Senter Wins National AIA Award

Paseo Senter recognized in “The Design Excellence Awards 2009″

RADA– Merit Award for Affordable Housing awarded to Paseo Senter

Out of Balance. The Risk of the nation’s shrinking affordable housing supply.

A Home Safe and Sound, Right Next Door

Moving in, Moving Up: Affordable housing opens

A Haven Opens Downtown for Valley’s Displaced Young People

Full Circle Fund “2007 Forum: You’ve Got the Power”

Paseo Senter receives “Affordable Housing Development of the Year” Award from SVBJ

San Antonio Place receives Best Affordable Housing Award

Blue Ribbon Commission to End Homelessness and Solve Affordable Housing crisis now available

San Antonio Place Receives the Best In American Living Award

San Antonio Place Chosen as Semi-Finalist for Terner Prize

San Antonio Place receives Mayor’s Award for Architecure

San Antonio Place Named Project of the Year

Unfair Shake in Housing Report

Cities receive high grades for housing solutions

Charities Housing receives national housing prize

Charities Housing awarded MHP funding for Paseo Senter I & II

Efficiency Studio Project Moves Ahead

Affordable Housing to Move Ahead

Biz Briefs – Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing: Designing an American Asset

HomeSafe San Jose Design Award

Merit Award Homesafe, San Jose, Calif. Studio E Architects

Pensione Esperanza SRO Hotel Wins Residential Architect Design Awards

Catholic Charities Establishes Charities Housing

Sobrato Center for Nonprofits - San Jose
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